Is zachary levi dating anyone

06 Sep

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Who identify as Republican, Right-Wing, Christian Conservative, Bircher, Kluxer, Bushie, Neo-Con, Neo-Liberalist, Corporatist, Fascist, 1%-er, ‘alt-con’, White supremist, Amerikan Taliban? This list names names and identifies both real people and corporate ‘people’ (‘Corporations are ‘people’, my friend.’ – Mitt Romney, Republican ‘Loser’) who openly, publicly proclaim their identity and support as well as those who hide themselves in their duplicity.This reporter compiles these names based upon their political declarations, appearances or interviews on associated television or radio broadcasts (CBN, TBN, Fox, etc.), production and scriptwriters, supporting like-minded advertisors or corporate sponsors, ‘people’ who provide secretive campaign bribes (er, ‘contributions’), authors who tell lies in their biased hit pieces against liberals and progressives.

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